All You Need Is Love


Because all anyone ever needs, wants, or desires is to be loved. ⁣

My hardest challenge to date is to love myself. I have no problem loving others, but when it comes to loving me I just haven't gotten it right yet. Maybe it's because I don't know who I am completely because I truly haven't found my passion in life. I constantly seek the approval of others (especially men) and I don't know how to stay true to myself because I don't know who I truly am. ⁣

I am so worried about being liked and not being too emotional, which is my true nature, out of fear that when someone sees that side of me they'll kick me to the curb. To be fair it's happened, but those emotions were brought up from holding the pain of my past too closely and not having a deep level of intimacy in the relationship. ⁣

I have been made to feel I was never good enough my entire life. That no one would love me for being me and that love is just a game. But I truly can't blame that on why I have a hard time with saying "I love you" to myself because everyone struggles with overcoming their past and my struggle is no harder than your struggle, it's just different. ⁣

3 months into the year and I have decided that I really need to get my shit together and get passed my past. I want to figure out who I really am so that I can stay true to myself and be loved for being myself, by myself. I guess the key there is "by myself" because I hate being alone for fear of ending up alone. But I guess if you're your best friend and are enriched by the love you have for yourself, being alone isn't such a lonely experience.